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Next Art of Hosting training May 2014 at Otavan Opisto

Invitation to The Art of Hosting in May 2014 now available as a PDF

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Please have a look at the invitation to the Art of Hosting -training to be held in May at Otavan Opisto, Finland. You can also download the invitation in a pdf -format: Invitation-to-Art-Of-Hosting-Finland-May-2014

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact either Ville Keränen ( or Jan-Erik Tarpila ( You are warmly and heartfully invited to join the Art of Hosting -training. Welcome!

Kirjoittaja: Ville Keksijä Keränen

Geek. Designer. Creativity leader and co-founder of Lifestyle Cooperative Monkey Business. Loves music with bass.


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