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Next Art of Hosting training May 2014 at Otavan Opisto

What was Art Of Hosting like?

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Art Of Hosting is definitely one of the most profound learning experiences I have had lately. I participated a 3-day AoH training program in Karlskrona, Sweden in March 2010. I brought with me a full backpack of refreshed thinking, practical and effective learning and leadership tools, great new connections and inspiration. These great assets I have been utilising in my work as a team coach and facilitator, working with entrepreneurs and professionals of educational field.
AoH is really a MUST for all young (and already experienced) leaders, who want to be change agents in their own area of interest and learn how to make a real, profound change and learning happen in people and in organisations. The formidable and skillful hosts make sure that you will learn by doing, making it all happen yourself, naturally with the gentle help of the international, world-class hosting team.
It’s great to have AoH now in Finland. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss it!

Vilma Mutka
Team Coach, Facilitator and Network Communications Manager
Team Academy Adult Education / Partus Ltd


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